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BAVI non-metal long lifetime FGHR material advantages

  BAVI FGHR no metal material Fluorine plastic coated carbon steel Ti ND Steel Stainiess Steel
Working Temp High(≤260℃) High(≤260℃) High High High
Temp. of outlet 50~60℃ 50~60℃ 50~60℃ above acid dew point above acid dew poing
Acid Corrosion Preventing Excellent ,no reaction with acid Excellent ,no reaction with acid good no bad not bad
Dust Preventing excellent,self cleaning excellent,self cleaning not bad bad not bad
Foutling less less medium much much
Heat Transfer not bad not bad good good good
Heat Load per unit High Medium not bad not bad no bad
Space needed Big Big Big Big Big
Lifetime 20 years up 20 years up 10 years up ≤5 years ≤3 years
Maintenance Frequency No need No need Medium High High
Cost of maintenance 0 0 Medium High High
First Cost High High High Medium Medium
20 years cost Low Low High High High

BAVI non-metal FGHR advantages

1.Mature high technologies
Technologies from Germany,plenty of successful refernces.

BAVI non-metal FGHR advantages and reliable material
Heat exchange tubes are from patent protected BAVI seriesproducts,special modified wear and pressurre resistant fluorine popes pipes have strong heat transfer coefficient and pressure resistant,at the same time,they can keep away from corrosion of acid,self cleaning is also one of the advantages,so it is allowed the Flue Gas temperature in the outlet lower than the acid tdew point.This is a breakthrough in the Flue Gas Heat Recovery industry.

3.Simple System
Automation makes it simple to operate.

4.High heat transfer efficiency
thanks to low temperature allowable in the outlet,bigger heat load can fulfilled in BAVI non-metal FGHR.

5.Free of maintenance
Modulized design makes the installation simple.

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